A sweet comeback. And strong. Very strong. As she is. Amazing player of the “purple” team, and more. Because Alia Guagni left her heart in the USA. In Seattle. Where she will go back on May 30th to play in the Women’s Premier Soccer League. Where in the past she won the Evergreen Cup and the Northwest Conference. Speaking of which, the ACF Firenze player says: “Seattle is still in my heart. I have a family over there who is waiting for me, and very welcoming and amazing friends who I look forward to seeing again. And do not forget that I want to win again in the USA. And again. Furthermore, I can tell you that the “American adventure” is not only on the field, but it is also an incredible life experience”.
She is the first FC Tacoma 253 made in Italy soccer player who we wanto to introduce you through such a name, FC Tacoma 253 is going to have a good start. This name is quite well-known among the Italian women soccer world. She is an amazing shooter, with an athletic body. A mix of quality and quantity which is going to be decisive to the American Club. And what if she was the team captain? “The past year being the co-captain was an honor – Alia tells us – but I am not that kind of player who needs the captain band to do well and draw the squad. I only care to do my best and try to win. It is better an American player to be the captain, so that she can speak to the referee in a more fluent English than mine”.

Talking about Alia Guagni it is a great pleasure for everyone. The “purple” defender has 157 presences in Italian Serie A, for a total of 14110 minutes of game. She also played several seasons in the lower leagues. The last ones always helpful to the young Florentine. She has a lot of experience, a lot of willing to keep doing well, and she is also looking forward the next convocation with the Italian Women’s National Team and the next Italian Serie A season. Finally, speaking of the Italian theme, these are the words of the Florentine player: “We had a very wonderful season with ACF Firenze. To reach the fourth place in the rank was a big outcome, most of all because the roster was a young one. Besides, after three years, I was back to the Italian Women’s National Team. It is always a big emotion. I’ll do my best to reach the goal of playing the World Championship, within four years. I would like to end my career triumphantly”.
Simple and effective. Concrete. Just like her plays. This is Alia Guagni. A strength of nature, who proved to be valuable both in Italy and in the USA.
Welcome back to Seattle, Alia. And good luck.

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