Welcome to FC Tacoma!

FC Tacoma was created through an agreement between OSA Soccer Academy, LLC, NorTac and Sparta with the goal of creating a high level PDP program in the Tacoma area. OSA will be providing support and ACF Fiorentina will provide a proven methodology under which the club will be trained. This long term project will have some fantastic new additions regarding adult teams as well, so stay tuned!

Giuseppe Pezzano:
Today is an important day, as it is a first step for the Tacoma area to establish an important frame work for soccer. Plus we are working on providing a home base for the FC Tacoma club!

Paolo Mottola:
We are happy to have started up this technical partnership which will give the Tacoma area a methodological framework for developing and training youth players. The partnership with OSA Soccer Academy and ACF Fiorentina will bring a very high level of soccer to our club. We have already begun the first phase of implementing the methodology by setting up training for our coaches.
We are creating a PDP program and will offer free training to top selected players who will also be able to attend tournaments and international showcase games!