While getting ready for the big US Open CUP match on May, 13th, the team is waiting for another Italian player to join the team.

Samuele Piccinotti, born in Italy on June 16th, 1994, is a center midfielder. He started to play in the club of the small town he grew up in. Later, when he was in Junior High School, he began to play for AS Varese 1910, and he started his professional career.  “I’ve played in the youth teams of AS Varese until 2013, when I got on to Borgomanero, a Serie D Club. It was my first year away from my town and my friends”, Samuele told us “and it was a big life experience, as well as a soccer one”. After this experience, Samuele went to Inveruno, another Serie D club where he currently plays.

How did you start playing soccer?
I started to play when I was 7, not too soon as compared with my friends. I was involved by a friend, he suggested me to try and practice a while, so this is how I began. I like the fact that it all started almost by chance, and then it became a true passion.

Which was the experience in your career that mostly affected you and why?
There is not a predominant experience in my career. However, there were several events that made me grow up. By chronological order, the first one was in the period I practiced with the first team of AS Varese. I was very young but I was already measuring myself with the soccer that matters. Then, when I played the final eight tournament with the U19 team, I learnt a lot tactically speaking and I switched to the position which I currently play in. In the end, at the very moment of my debut in Serie D league, I could clearly feel the big difference with the youth soccer. So this is it, the three experiences that helped me growing and developing as a player.

Which is your favorite position?
My favourite position is center midfielder, especially when my team plays with three midfielders as a formation strategy. That position allows me to move forward and help my team attacking and scoring, but also stepping back and defending, trying to intercept the opponents. If needed, I can also play as outside mid.

What are you expecting from this experience and why did you choose to try the overseas soccer?
I could not say no to this experience for different reasons. I’m going to face a league that is expanding more and more. It is a big opportunity for me, to show off myself. In the last year soccer in the USA developed much more than in other countries. They have better structures and a better organization than Italy, for sure. Moreover, they are ready to make the difference in soccer gaming. I expect a physical soccer rather than a tactical one.

Besides, I think that this is going to be a beautiful life experience that will help me growing as a person and improving my English (which nowadays is very useful in many different spheres of activity and everyday life).  I expect to have a great time with the team, trying to reach the goal of playing in the New York finals. I’ll do my best and I am looking forward to starting this new adventure!

Samuele will arrive in Seattle on May 13th, just in time for the US Open Cup game.

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