Not a good end of season for the OSA women’s team that needed a victory against Issaquah SC in order to advance to the Regional Finals. The team made up of Italian and American players faced Issaquah on Friday night, at Issaquah High School.
OSA FCT lost their home game 1-0, many chances to score were created but never completed. They dominated the game but issaquah was more solid and the only shot on goal by resulted in the only point of the match, by issaquah.

On Friday, the game was more balanced, but again, too many opportunities were missed by the OSA team, while Issaquah SC had only a few chances, they were able to take the lead of the game right before the end of the first half.

In the second half OSA FCT was more hungry to score and finally Jackie Corley finished a good combination tying the game.
In the following minutes of the game the OSA club built more opportunities, but never scored, allowing Issaquah to win the Conference and advance to the Regional Finals.

As this is the end of 2015 OSA FCT season, tomorrow night both the men’s and the women’s team will meet for a Club dinner at Tutta Bella, to spend time together, to thank the players for their efforts and to say goodbye to the Italian players before they return to Italy.

Thank you everyone for supporting and following us.

More news will be coming, so stay tuned!!