OSA FC Seattle announces new interim President

Francesco Deleo moved from Italy to Seattle 16 years ago to attend the University of Washington (UW) where he graduated in Aerospace Engineering and worked as a researcher in the field of crashworthiness and failure modelling of composite materials. Francesco maintains strong ties with the UW where he has been teaching since 2012. Professionally, Francesco works in the field of clean and safe nuclear energy.
Francesco has been very active in the local soccer scene in the Seattle area. He is well known for his involvement in creating and managing soccer teams. Since 2014 Francesco has been working with Giuseppe Pezzano in the very successful project of OSA FC. Francesco assumed the role of team president in 2016.
The OSA FC club was created with the mission of increasing the opportunities for growth of local talents, provide an alternative teaching style influenced by Italian methodologies created and tested by professional youth development academies like ACF Fiorentina. OSA FC aims at bridging the gap between professional and amateur soccer realities present in the Seattle area.