Michael Bumpus, a former WSU Seahawk player, is OSA FC’s athletic trainer and is preparing players for the season!

The training project is focusing on integrating different styles of training philosophies, even from other sports, to physical prepare the players for practices and games.

GM Giuseppe Pezzano, and Head coach Filippo Milano,  think about many players are educate and growing  in American sport like American football

And booth knowledge can help the young players development and find also a way to work . Also for other players from other nation!

“The choice of having Michael’s Bumpus as physical trainer is not random and is based on the similarity between wide receivers and soccer players. As matter of fact, wide receivers are among the most impressive athletes in any sport. They run at fast speed, have quick and agile footwork and are able to catch a ball while battling defenders. These qualities can be exported to modern soccer players who need to have not only great footwork but also ability to fight for the football to establish possession. Furthermore the importance of training on fast accelerations is crucial for the majority of positions played on the football field but especially for forward and defenders”

Below a short video of the training session.