Michael Bumpus. The Seattle Seahawks wide receiver from California who caught a touchdown pass in 2008 from Matt Hasselbeck has decided to join the OSA FC staff as the 2016 Fitness Technical Director. He consistently played soccer and football growing up and in high school. Similar to many student-athletes, he balanced being a student and playing multiple sports. He came to play football for Washington State University, stayed in Washington after his professional career, and currently is running the football show as the head coach for Monroe High School in Monroe, WA. Michael speaks a little Spanish and yes, definitely, he is looking forward to learning Italian. He has had years of experience teaching fitness and strength and conditioning training as well. It’s only smart to ask an athlete with these strengths and similar interests to add something new to his plate, so OSA FC did, and Michael accepted the Fitness Technical Director position in October for the club.

Starting with the men’s team in January 2016, Michael will instruct his first fitness training session for OSA FC. Not worrying about his future tasks and only wanting to start working on getting the body ready to compete for the season, Michael is eager, and excited to begin with the team. The club’s fitness levels are all his responsibility and the OSA Soccer Group believes he is the perfect man for the job, “Michael knows how the body works to make an athlete better, and he understands what a soccer player needs physically.”

Michael believes fitness is such a crucial part for the sport and team chemistry on this subject is a key for winning games. The whole team needs to be fit and without work on it, losses are evident. By analyzing a team, you can see who is not in shape and these moments of low individual efforts affect the game as a whole; then include the movement of the team as a unit playing offensively and defensively in a shape, these are all physical duties a player needs to perform seamlessly in a game. Keeping in mind that fitness exposes weaknesses that can result in the score; Michael is confident and wants to put the team on a level that will help them win another NPSL Northwest Conference Championship and carry them further into more playoff rounds in hopes to reach the 2016 NPSL National Championship. The 2015 NPSL National Championship game in Chattanooga recorded 18,000+ people in attendance and this is the kind of stage OSA FC and Michael want for the club. Michael supports the Seattle Sounders, OSA FC (formerly named FC Tacoma 253), and the Seattle Sounders FC U-23 (formerly known as the Tacoma Tide). He believes amateur and developmental leagues have talented players and make entertaining games to watch. We asked Michael, “Why have you joined the club?”  He simply replied, “My brother is playing his second year on the team. I got to know the men’s Head Coach Filippo Milano and some players last year, and they are great guys and there’s talent on the team that I want to work with. It was an easy decision. I like what the club is doing, they are very professional and with their soccer contacts throughout the world there are many opportunities to develop my skills, it’s a natural fit for me.”

What are some influential moments in his life?

In high school, Michael played soccer for the Santa Monica United. They went to play a four international game tour against English football clubs. It was a learning experience and a positive trip. He could tell that U.S. soccer had a lot to learn about the sport but it has since been catching up. He remembered how his team had to make adjustments on the field and how hard his team worked to play against the international “systems” (formations) and style of play, which engaged him in a whole new way. His knowledge grew from this experience. It made him better as a player and still to this day, it has helped him with his sports perspective in areas of adapting in situations and the mental part that goes along with it.

Making sure the teams are ready to go with their overall fitness and keeping a low injury count for the whole season are his goals. Lastly, he added, “I’m motivated and hoping for the best. I know the guys are in good hands because I have them for fitness and Coach Milano is handling the rest so my job in early spring is to get them ready for the season and help them maintain it through their season in hopes they can win the Northwest Conference again.”

Congratulations, Michael and Welcome to OSA FC!