SAN JOSE, CA – OSA FCT 253 has won again. Two wins in the last two games for the men’s team whose next goal is to advance to the playoff by beating again Spartans FC.

This season, FCT 253 and Spartans have face each other twice, once in a qualifying match, the other in regular season play. The OSA FCT 253 club won both games, but this last game will decide who goes to playoffs.

Before yesterdays game, OSA FCT 253 was 3 points behind Spartans FC and had two games left, one of which agains the Spartans.
However, yesterday FCT 253 beat Real San Jose 4-1 thanks to the scores of Ely Gordley, Gianfranco Di Julio, Samuele Piccinotti and Pedro Millan.

Thanks to this great victory over the #4 ranked Real San Jose (5-1-5), FCT 253 is now (3-1-7) and Spartans (3-1-7). Having the same points in the ranking means that the last game will be the decisive one. FCT 253 would still need to win or tie the game in order to advance to the playoffs.

The men’s team has one week to get ready for the big game on Sunday, June 28th. OSA FCT 253 will play with all they have to win the game and ensure a spot in the playoffs.

The next game will be on Sunday, June 28th. Will you be there to support our players and make history?


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