Marco Dugo, who played for the OSA FC men’s team in 2015, will rejoin the team again this summer and will arrive in Seattle on May 5th, in time to join the team for it’s second home game of the season. Dugo was born in Italy in 1992 and plays as outside back.

Marco, who has a bachelor degree in sports science, currently plays for A.S.D. Arluno Calcio is also a coach and the manager of the Youth Sector of A.S.D. Arluno Calcio Club.

How was your first season with OSA FC? Why did you decide to repeat the experience?
“I had a great time last year. I found a welcoming and organized environment, I had a wonderful relationship with my teammates who are wonderful people and great players. Thanks to them I didn’t have any difficulties joining the team,  besides the cultural and language barriers.
A great group was formed and we were very successful on the field, so I have decided to repeat the experience because I see it as chance to improve myself as a person and as a player. Since I already know the club, the managers and my teammates, I think this is an opportunity not to miss out on.”

What do you expect for the upcoming season?
“I expect the team to continue to grow and go beyond the great success we had last summer. Personally, I hope to get better by playing challenging opponents that, from what I saw the last year, are physically and technically talented and that is very stimulating to face.”

Take a look at Marco’s interview from the past season:
Welcome back Marco, we look forward to having you with us again!

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