FC Tacoma 253 is glad to introduce you Giulia di Camillo who will enter the Club press office as Communication Manager for the 2015 WPSL project regarding the Italian press. The center of the press work will be website.

Giulia released some statements about her upcoming experience: “In the beginning I had other plans, I was supposed to leave for Seattle as a player of this great Club, but then I got an Achilles injury in November, and I am still recovering at the moment. I’m fine, but I want to take advantage of the summer to practice and recover the strengths to be in the best shape for the next Italian season. If everything is going to be alright, I’ll be ready to fly to the USA in May for the 2016 WPSL season, you bet!
Even if this year I’m not going to play, FC Tacoma 253 Club strongly wanted me to join the Press office. I’m really honored. Talking about Seattle in Italy will be a wonderful experience for me. I’ll try to involve all the women soccer’s lovers and more. I’ll do my best not to disappoint neither the President Pezzano or Antonio Cincotta. It was Cincotta who decided that I was ready for the American experience as a player and as a press agent.
I also thank Gianluca di Marzio, who has been my teacher for over a year, for always receiving my “pink” news on his website. And the website is not the only tool I’m going to use in this adventure. There will be lots of news. Follow me!”

Also the Club’s President Giuseppe Pezzano talked about this new cooperation: “I’m glad to start this collaboration with Giulia. I have been following his work on and I couldn’t help but notice her professionality. I’m sure she will help us a lot by getting Italian people to know our world. Our soccer reality, I think, will be able to help both the women’s and men’s Italian soccer and will create important experiences, cultural exchanges and language learning opportunities for Italian and American soccer players, as already happened in the past years”.

Welcome Giulia and good luck with your new job!