FC Tacoma 253 is ready to begin!
Tonight at 8 pm the team will play for the first season game in the US Open CUP. FC Tacoma 253 will host SFC Spartans at Strafare Sports Complex in Tukwila, WA.

Coach Filippo Milano and the players are very excited for the first game of this new team.
Here is the roster of the players who will take the field tonight, waiting for Oussama Essabr and other Italian players to join the team!

Nathan Salveson (goalkeeper)
Elmer Rodriguez (goalkeeper)
Alex Exarhos (Defender and vice-captain)
Matt Shaxton (Midfielder and Captain)
Bradley (Midfielder)
Pedro Milan (Midfielder)
Edin Sisic  (Defender)
Sofien El-Mehrik (Defender)
Ethan Sumlin (Midfielder)
Yonathan Tesfasilase (Midfielder)
Abdiner Galgalo (Forward)
Sergio Martinez (Midfielder)
Gareth Vaughn (Forward)
Pat Staunton (Midfielder)
Steve Pirotte (Defender)
Colin Dalrymple (Defender)
Ely Saye (Defender)
Jose Ramos (Midfielder)

“FC Tacoma 253 is made up of good players”, coach Milano says, “but they don’t have too much experience at this level. The team we’re going to face is phisically and technically better and we didn’t have enough time to practice so to be in tactical tune.
Anyway, the guys are very excited and enthusiastic so I’m expecting a good game!

I hope that the Italian players will help our team making the leap and being more competitive. I also expect that they help younger players to grow up so that they could be a steady point for the Club in the future.”

Good Luck FC Tacoma 253! See you there