FC Tacoma 253 second double header is a further defeat.

The team lost their opening day game after being at a disadvantage because of an own goal. The first half was very exciting, but both the teams could not score , unitl captain Matt Shaxton, at 44′, passed the ball to the goalkeeper who missed it. The team tried to get back in the second half, after the unlucky episode, but CD Aguiluchos USA were able to save their goal 4 times, when the ball was almost on the target line. It was in the last minutes of the game that the opposing team scored again setting the final score 2-0.

Our guys did not have much time for recovering, as the first game was played at 8pm, and the second one was scheduled at 3pm.
The match was a hard one from the beginning. San Francisco Stompers, who did not play the day before, took a 1-0 lead over FCT 253.
Before the first-half stoppage, the team tied the game thanks to a turnover.
Again, at 52′, another goal put the Stompers ahead but FCT 253 were able to tie again despite the goalkeeper drew back-to-back yellows and left the team with ten men.
In the last minutes Stompers scored again for the final 3-2.

It is unquestionable that travelling so far and playing two games in two days it’s not that easy for a player’s mind and performance. Furthermore, our players had to experience all this twice, unlike other teams which did not have to face such a hectic pace. FC Tacoma 253 lost too many points in their games in California, also due to the fact that they always had to play double headers, having no time to rest and so exposing their players to possible injuries.

However, it’s now the time to regain not only confidence, but also enough points to carry on after the initial groups phase.

Stay tuned and keep following us for the incoming US Open Cup game on May 13th! Tickest available at fctacoma253.com!


GO FCT 253!


Here are some shots from the games.

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