Why we are different ?

FC Tacoma was created as a long term developmental project whose primary focus is to implement a thorough training methodology for its players and coaches.

The proven model is very simple: create a pyramid structure, which is commonly used around the world, producing a solid foundation for growth and development.

Thanks to the collaboration between OSA Soccer Group and ACF Fiorentina it’s Academy Director, Professor Vincenzo Vergine, a scientific methodology will be implemented for players of all ages, starting at the youngest ages. As a player develops mentally and physically, specific training is introduced for various age groups and genders. This is continued through the natural development of each player’s life, therefore starting young is crucial!

The first coaching course for FC Tacoma coaches began with a course taught by a coach instructed and authorized directly by the methodologies of inventor, Professor Vincenzo Vergine http://en.violachannel.tv/organisational-youth-sector.html .

Coaching education is the first and most important step in implementing the methodology, as coaches must understand how to teach players.

ACF Fiorentina’s youth development methodology is known throughout the soccer world as one of the best in Europe, and has seen successful implementation in California where this program has been in place for more than 5 years, and their first success stories are now being seen.

FC Tacoma PDP will officially begin on June 12 http://tacoma.giuseppepezzano.com/shop/player-registration/2014-fc-tacoma-pdp-summer-registration/con with its first summer program. During the camps top players will be selected to join the PDP ID program where they will receive free training and equipment.

Once PDP ID teams are established, teams will play in local and national tournaments highlighted with international matches and showcases . Unlike most clubs and programs, our top players will be offered scholarships through its sponsor OSA Soccer Group to develop to their full potential.

A program parallel to the PDP ID, aimed at development, and called PDP Goal, will give players who didn’t make the first level of PDP a chance to further cultivate their skills under the methodologies developmental plan.