OSA FC is proud to announce that Matt Shaxton will be part of the men’s team for the incoming NPSL season.
Matt, midfielder, was the team captain in the past season, and will be captain again to lead his teammates to reach big outcomes!

Here is his point of view on the past season.
“Last year was the organization’s first year in the NPSL and was filled with both highs and lows. We had an excellent start to the season with a successful run in the U.S. Open Cup marking two important and deserved wins against Portland and San Diego. We then hit a rough patch in the earlier part of the league season, a very intense and packed fixture schedule in April and early May left us with a lot of back-to-back games and few points to show for our efforts.
We then managed to find our feet in the final run of season games and looked like a team that could quite comfortably compete with any NPSL team in the country.
I have personally spent 5 seasons playing in the NPSL for a variety of clubs and I can safely say that I have not played for or even against a more complete team than the one, we had through the month of June.  A fine balance of youth and experience complimented with all round technical ability. Something I hope we can replicate this season.”

What are Matt’s expectations for the incoming season?
“Naturally, I want us to move on this season and compete to be the best NPSL team on the West Coast. The season schedule suits us much better this year and will allow for more preparation and rest between games. I am looking forward to getting our Italian and UW players to join the team and get them integrated into our routines.
Our biggest challenge this season will be the games against Portland, as we play them 5 times. Despite us beating them on all 3 occasions last season, I am confident they will have improved since and be a tough opponent.
I am also excited to play at our new home at French Field in Kent and engage with the local community. The city is big on soccer and I hope that OSA’s involvement will compliment this.


Thanks and hope to see everyone at our home opener on  April 16th.